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Membership Rules of The Hertfordshire Concert Band


Hertfordshire Concert Band - Rules of Membership

March 2013

1 The aim of the band is to perform concerts that give pleasure to both performers and listeners, to be of educational benefit to members and to perform occasional charity concerts for the benefit of the community. Although entirely of an amateur status, a high standard of musicianship is required.

2 Rehearsals are normally held on Tuesday evenings. Members should be ready to play by 19:45 and the rehearsal will finish at 21:45. Rehearsals take place in the John Lill Music Block at the University of Hertfordshire. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal, please let the Band Manager know, ideally by text message to 07806 098832.

3 If you are unable to attend the band's engagements, you should notify the Band Manager and your section leader at least 8 weeks prior to the event.

4 After due allowance for personal and business commitments, it is expected that you will give priority to the band's activities. Regular and punctual (where possible) attendance at rehearsals is essential. In addition, you attend the last 3 consecutive rehearsal prior to any concert in order to play.

5 If you cannot make a rehearsal, it is your responsibility to ensure that all the music is present in your absence.

6 Concert uniform is as follows:

Men: Black Shirt, black trousers, band tie, black socks and black shoes. Black suit jackets are optional Ladies: Black dress, or black trousers/skirt, band scarf, with black blouse, and black shoes.

7 Subscriptions should be paid monthly by standing order on the first day of the month. Subscriptions will be agreed at the AGM each year.

8 Please remember that we are guest of the University of Hertfordshire. Please park in the approved spaces and act in an orderly way when using the rehearsal facilities.

The rules above are at the discretion of the Committee of the Hertfordshire Concert Band